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Refinishing, Repairs, Upholstery & More

“If I could clone Andrew’s Refinishing I would. How rare to find a business that truly caters to the client. With grace, charm, laughter and value. Their work is exceptional and they stand behind everything they do. My first experience with a very small foot stool was rewarded with staff telling me they were’t entirely happy with the outcome and if I could wait just a few extra days it would be redone. It was and I was thrilled. They just finished a stuffing of upholster chairs and sofa and I wonder how I have lived with worn out cushions for so many years. You do not have to leave your furnishings there for months on end. They will happily call you when it is time to bring them in. I hate writing such a positive review because if you all flock to their store I may not be able to get my needs filled so quickly. On the other hand, they deserve and get my utmost respect for how they do business. Bravo and thank you, Andrew’s Refinishing!”

Open Hours

Monday - Friday:  8 - 5
Saturday:  10 - 1
Sunday:  CLOSED

Our Office

2425 Parker Rd. Bldg. 5
Carrollton, TX 75010

What we Do

Cushion Replacement
Outdoor Furniture
Kitchen Cabinets
Fire & Water Damage
Guardsman Products & Warranty

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File types accepted: .jpg,.jpeg,.pdf,.gif,.png,.txt,.doc,.docx,.xls,.xlsx
File types accepted: .jpg,.jpeg,.pdf,.gif,.png,.txt,.doc,.docx,.xls,.xlsx